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** What's in your pot this week/end? **


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I just love 'short' weeks, when there's only 4 days of the day job :cheesy2:

Gets me energized for the weekend. Which is good, because I'm so low on stock it's not funny. This weekend will be



lavender sage


lip balms - lots of them

lemon verbena

What's up at your place? Have a great weekend!

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Lots of soaps again. I did Gramma Yummy Pumpkin from Backwoods this morning. Getting ready to do Sweet and Sexy from FOH..

Then I have about 8 more batches I need to do.. Hopefully I can get them all done.

The fo's will be


Oatmilk Milk and Honey


Curve for Men

Axe for Men

Crystal Blue Waters

Lemon Tart

Lavender Cucumber & Sage

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Haven't got all my fragrance oils yet but the ones I have I will be pouring this weekend. My fall shows start next weekend and run non-stop thru December. I still have Saturday market tomorrow. So when I get home I will start the candles and then later this week I will do the M&P. So happy fall shows are starting! :cheesy2:

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Can't find my pots! I am running around like crazy trying to figure out what I am doing. It went from dead still to OMG. My sellers are ordering left and right. My stores are ordering. Fundraisers starting. Man. It was like they all woke up on the same day. I wasn't prepared for the fast pace yet. So what is in the pots? Everything. 40 cases a day. That should cover it. We have been selling fall for about 4 weeks, and now they want the Christmas list. Yikes. I got to get that out. I wanted to have time to really do it up right this year. But I guess I will have to think fast. I love it. Don't get me wrong. I hate summer. Just can't wait to get it together. :D

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