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Calmshell Tarts, No Repour??


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Yes, I did do a search:smiley2:. We have been making clamshell tarts. If anyone makes these without doing a repour that does not look like it needs a repour, can you please tell me what wax you are using in more detail than just votive or pillar ect.

We have used IGI 4794 and it is a repour. They look great, but as you know repouring tarts is very time consuming.

Then we tried mixing J-50 to it. Also a seperate batch of J-223. Even up to a 50/50 mix it shrinks and causes ripples, not as many but it does not look great.

We also tried Green Leafs pariffin/soy blend. They look awsome and don't need a repour, however they are a bit too soft.

We thank you so much for your info. And once again if you do clamshells without a repour and they look awsome, ( we place these in stores so they have to be A+) please be specific in what wax you are using.

Thanks A Bunch

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I had a problem back in the spring with sink holes in the centers of my cubes in the clamshell. I posted it when I had a problem and it was decided that I poured too hot and my room was cold so they cooled to quick.

I now use the KY tart/votive wax and I get awesome results. Pretty creamy looking tarts, holds color and fragrance well and has awesome hot throw. It is also easy to come out of the tart burners.

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I also use the KY tart/pillar/votive blend. Works awesome in the clamshells, no repour, and people swear they get 15+ hours of scent per 1oz.

I also sell in 60+ retail stores, so I am also very pickey about how they look.

Another plus is that this comes in granular form so it is so easy to work with. We pour at 165.

www.greatcandle.com (southern scentations) also carries this and they are in MI. I don't know who is closer to you.


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I am going to be testing the GB416 from CS next week. I will post how this does next weekend.


Tootie, unless something has changed in that wax over the past 2 or 3 months........be prepared for a white powdery look to the tarts after they have set for a couple weeks. Alot of us had problems with the wax appearance.

I have recently mixed it with some paraffin. I think that is going to alleviate the problem.

I won't EVER use that wax by itself for tarts again.

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