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Tart makers, do you alwalys use a double boiler to make tarts? also>>


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On the stove, it's best to use the double boiler method. If you apply the pot to direct heat, you best have your eye on it or poof! Then you best have something like baking soda to put out the fire.

You're new to candlemaking. Basic equipment might be a sturdy pan, a pour pot, thermometer, something to set your pan on, something to stir your wax with.

Learn short cuts and the fun stuff after you get more seasoned. It might pay to invest less at the onset till you know if you like doing this.

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You know how when you use a dishwasher for the first time you swear you'll nevwer go back to washing dishes ever again by hand? Well I'll NEVER go back to a double boiler again. I used to use a double boiler years ago and then I started making candles again last year and found out that a presto pot is WAAAAY faster and easier. You don't have to worry about water getting in your wax or anything like that. Just melt your wax, pour it into the pour pot, add color and fragrance and pour that into your tart mold! Easy!!!

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For making tarts or votives I use ...

shot glass (for measuring fo)

candle dye (optional)

digital scale

digital thermometer

presto pot

32oz or 16oz pyrex measuring cup (use as a pour pot)

wooden skewer (to mix fo & dye into wax)

tart molds - or - votive molds with wick pins (wicks if making votives)

Shot glass, digital scale & thermometer, presto post, Pyrex cups, wooden skewers, and tart molds (I use the silicone muffin trays) all come from the houseware dept. at Walmart.

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