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Goat's Milk and Lots of Other Soaps


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OK I'm having issues with my computer, server, or something so I'm starting a new thread and adding pics through my photobucket.

Candy Corn bar scented in Homespun Vanilla Sugar


Snake Peel Axe type for men


Peak's Clean Cotton w/ blue vita beads


Ky's Red Tea, this scent is AWESOME in wax and b'nb products


Peak's Watermelon w/ poppy seeds -turned slightly brown, BUT its kept its scent, its so nice


This 2nd set of soaps are my first goat's milk soaps. I've read and read about goat's milk in soap so I was prepared. I decided to use Suz's method that's listed on Oregon Trail's website. It maybe be easier than soap w/ water, for the inpatient soaper like me :D. I used 100% fresh goat's milk (from a kind neighbor, so she'll be getting a few of each bar as a thank you).

Banana Fana Fo Fana with real bananas and vanilla fiber


Frosted Carrot Cake with pureed carrots and carrot oil at trace both wonderful for dry skin


Plain all-natural bar, no scent or color


Lavender Eo scented bar with lavender sprinkled on top


Spiced Cranberry with dried cranberries, brown sugar, oatmeal, and molasses


Sola's Pink Sugar


2nd batch where I added the FO to the white part of the soap. Its hard to tell but there are pinkish-purple swirls throughout the bar. I used thin individual molds and placed them into the refrig. I have found for myself that putting PS in the frig helps cut down on the brown.


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Hey, I was just wondering where you've been, now I know! LOL

Dang girl, you always have the most awesome soaps, very unique.

I think I'd like to take a bite outta that cranberry with all the goodies-yummm

Oh and that Banana fana fo fana :drool:

Ok, thanks a lot, now I'm hungry for something like banana nut bread!

I like them all!

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Thanks for all the nice comments. :)

Those are all great looking soaps. I really like the Snake Peel. I didn't know you could use vita burst beads in soap. For some reason I thought they would melt or something.

My warning DON'T use vita beads- some colors turn. These turned green, but changed back to blue about a week later. I used them before and they didn't turn back. I had forgotten or I wouldn't have used them again. :undecided

Nice soaps! Are the candy corns real candy or soap too?

They are real candy corn, I do have a warning on my site not to eat them. You can pick them off easily, then use the soap- its just a cutesy thing/eye candy.

:rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

They look awesome special the PS how did you do the purple on the top

I am still a newbie please tell :yes: :yes: :yes:

The pink and the light purple in the PS pics are M&P soap and the darker purple is CP. I used w/ both types of soap a pipette. I piped that color into the mold.

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