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wax slabs...

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Welcome to candlemaking!

Breaking up wax slabs is a frequent topic around here. Here's a previous thread on the subject that you may find helpful. http://www.candletech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41668

As far as technique is concerned, one good thing would be to click on the General Information button over on the left and read every word on making the type of candle you want to try. http://www.candletech.com/generalinfo.htm

Hope that helps you get started on your first project.

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I buy it by the case. I hammer the top slab while the box is still closed. When I open it up the top and sometimes the second slab are ready to use. I keep my wax in the box it came in. As I work my way through it I just close the flaps to the box and hammer some more. When I get to the bottom I cover the last slab with a towel and hammer away. This keeps a slab or two at a time broke up and ready to use. Also hammering on a whole case is less noisey than hammering on a single slab. I do all this in my basement, that keeps he noise level down in the rest of the house. My son sleeps through it, so it can't be that bad.

I like the tote idea, but I buy 6 different types of waxes. They come in perfectly good cardboard boxes, so I don't need the extra expense. I have a set of shelves and keep all my boxes lined up on them. I can hammer away without lifting on them.

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Does freezing it for just 15 minutes really make that much of a difference in how easily it shatters? I'll try anything. What about freezing longer, like a couple of hours or overnight? I could do that on days I'm not pouring, and it should be back to room temperature by the time I do start work on more.

I also thought about having a candle burning next to me, heating up a knife blade, sticking the blade back in the flame ever so often to keep it hot, and see if that helps.


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