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Fragrances for Fall


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted an opinion about my tentative list of potential fall scents.

Witches Brew *

Candy Corn

Candied Apples

Pumpkin Pie *

Banana Nut Bread *

Gingerbread *

Fall Leaves

Egg Nog *



Thanksgiving *

French Vanilla *

Turkish Delight



Jack Frost

Country Spice


Bayberry *

Balsam Fir *

Candy Cane

Christmas Eve

Christmas Wreath

Cinnamon Clove

CHristmas Dreams

Cranberry Chutney




Holiday Cider


Hot Buttered Rum

Midsummer's Night *


Pecan Pie

Zen Christmas *

Warm Apple Crisp

APple Jack & Peel

Country Christmas

The ones that I've starred with an asterisk * are ones I've already used and sold well. The other ones I am unsure of... Any advice? I've also wanted a good Fireside scent, or something similar. I am ordering these from Save On Scents, as they are close to me and shipping is reasonable... but their Fireside doesn't smell like the one I had last year (from Lonestar).


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I like the list and wanted to add to what I had last year, but I agree, there are so many... I'm thinking of getting samples of some and narrowing it down.

I had jack frost last year, which sold out well before christmas, too...

It's the season that may make my year turn out better. Sales have sucked for the most part this year.

Thanks :grin2:

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There are some that didn't sell well. Maybe it was just me or who I was selling to...

They were, off the top of my head-

white christmas (didn't even throw that well at all) (Lonestar)

christmas mulberry (smelled like cough syrup) (Cajun)

cranberry spice (SOS)

sugar cookie (it sold good but didn't throw as well as butter cookie, which is what I have now) (SOS)

hazelnut (SOS)

Oh and here are some others that I still have in stock from SOS that did well and continue all year:

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Spice

Bailey's Irish Cream

Butter Cookie

Hot Apple Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb

Blueberry Pie

Autumn Lodge

Plum pudding

Hope this might help those of you who are trying to decide, along with me! :yay:

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For Fireside I use the one from www.wildfire-creations.com. For a good Sugar Cookie, try mixing it with Creme Brulee www.candlescience.com. For a good "mint" type, try Snowy Pine from www.candlesuppliesbyfarmhouse.com ... it's a best seller for me. Last, but not least, Mistletoe from www.candlescience.com was also a best seller last Christmas.

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