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candlescience florals


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I'm looking for some nice floral scents, (nothing too overpowering) for 415 soy. Maybe someone could chime in with their opinions on the following:

English Garden


Golden Rose

Honeysuckle Jasmine

Love Spell


Feel free to suggest other CS florals not mentioned here that might be good ones. TIA.

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Hi waxflower,

I don't know about English Garden,Gardenia,Honeysuckle Jasmine or Plumeria(but I have ordered some samples). Golden Rose may be ok for some but I didn't like it near as much as I liked Love Spell. Not much help otherwise but it's all I can do on those particular ones. I haven't tried any of their other florals but I bet Sweet Pea would be very good even though it's has only a two leaf rating. I can tell you that their Black Cherry,Red Hot Cinnamon,Cinnamon Buns,Scotch Pine,Holly Berry,Rain Water,Clean Cotton,Moon Lake Musk,Mulberry,Cranberry Marmalade and Wildberry Mousse are all pretty good....HTH!!


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