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Can someone point me to Palm instructions?

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You can find instructions for Palm wax here. Not sure who you get your wax from, but I'd check that for melt and pour temps


I add 5% palm stearic and use spray mold release to treat my aluminum molds.

Are you using wick pins? The only way I know of to change the wick for testing would be the use of wick pins and then don't wick the pillar very deep, maybe like 3 inches, test it for burn, and if it's not the right wick you might be able to pull it out and when cool stick in another one. Not sure, never tried it. LOL

But it sounds like it might work.

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I've used palm wax from several companies, and have never had to use stearic or mold release stuff to get them out of the mold. they just slip right out. you need to zap the mold with a heat gun before pouring in your wax, and then cover the mold after pouring in the wax (cools slower, preventing holes and craters). with testing, works a whole lot easier to use wick pins so you can just pull a tabbed wick out from the bottom to test another. hth

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I have never had problems while using the aluminum molds but I sure do with the metal ones! During some of my testing stage, since I use a wick pin, I am able to take the wick out and put another one in. This works MOST of the time but does depend on the melt pool and type of wicking used! Good Luck and Have FUN!

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