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Making candles with Brownie Girl Scouts

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Hello, I am a girl scout troop leader and was wanting to make candles with our girl scout neighborhood at our encampment. I remember when I was younger making simple hanging candles. We used one long string and dipped each side make these great candles. Does anyone know how to make them??

Needing help,


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Sounds like you made dipped taper candles. You dip a long piece of wicking into a vat full of molten wax-- hold it there for a sec or two then take it out and dip again.. and again.. about thirty? times in all to get a set of tapers on a single wicking string.

You can get creative and just use an old pouring pot or coffee can at home if you have one. Or you go to the craft store or online to purchase a pouring pot (or two). I assume you don't want to purchase an expensive dipping vat for a one time demo.

You will also need some pillar wax and wicking string. You can get these at any craft store. Heat the wax in a double boiler. Follow the label/manufacturer instructions for heating wax. Add fragrance and dye (optional) and blend thoroughly. Then you are ready to dip.

Or-- unless you are set on making tapers-- buy a candle making kit from a supplier like Peaks. They have kits for votives, container candles, or pillars. Much simpler I think. And it would be fun for the girls I think.


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Hi there! I'm also a Girl Scout leader and last year with the Daisy's I did candles with them using ganulated candle wax. www.Candlewic.com has it. They loved it! It comes in many different colors and requires almost no heat.

Here's what I did:

I wicked the little jars, I actually used Votive cups the 3 oz one i think. Labeled each of the jars with masking tape and the girls name.

Then I put the wax in plastic bowl with spoons, and put 5 colors on each of the girls tables, and then the girls created their candles.

When they were finished, I had a pot of melted wax at a counter away from the girls and I topped the candles off with melted wax so the wax wouldnt fall out and make a mess.

It turned out pretty neat and the girls loved it!

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