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I poured some fall testers today.


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I poured about 15 fall tester scents today, my nose is in overload.My favorites are:

Red clove from Peaks- probably my favorite.

sage and cinnamon- wsp a very nice different scent

cinnamon bread pudding -TCS- nice not too sweet

gingerbread applesauce-TCS- nice ,but I think smells too sim to MC cozy home for me to use

chestnuts and brown sugar-WSP- very nice I have more of that scent from other vendors to test.

Granny's swingin eggnog -peaks- very strong can def smell the rum

spiced pear-ICS- very strong

spicy cup of joe- ICS- like this one even better than our van hazelnut from mc.

I have some more to pour but I think I am going to stop for today.

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I hope they go well for you. :) I've also been testing a few things: finished pouring votives of Bramble Berry 'Sleeping Angels' and 'Sunset' (from their Cybilla line), and 'Apple Jack & Peel' (from Camden Grey), 'Baton Rouge' from Old Mill Fragrances, and 'Caramel Apple' and 'Vanilla Pumpkin' are next (both from From Nature With Love).

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