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Incense help....am I in the right place?

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I have been making incense for a while now and following the directions exactly with the amounts of DPG and FO...soaking for the 24 hours and drying for more than 48 just to be sure. Anyway, my problem is that the cones or sticks are not burning right. They have to be relit with any FO I use. Any suggestions or ideas or does anyone else have the same problem? If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them b/c I have tons of requests for this but am afraid to sell any right now since with testing I just can't seem to get these to do what I think they should as far as burning w/o having to re-light.

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needs longer drying time. i have had trouble with spicy types they don't like to burn very well. i just use aluminum foil put my sticks on it pour my fo/dpg mix roll around & so they are all soaked & then fold up the foil so none of the fo/dpg mix leaks out turn after 12 hrs or so. i do my mix 50/50, makes a very strong incense. you do not have to fully submerse the incense sticks/cones in the fo mix that is just a total waste of oils. i have been doing incense about 5-6yrs now. you will figure it out with more experience. good luck.

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Thanks for the replies.

Emry~I am just going by the directions on the time to soak and the time to dry that is on the BC site project page. I have never had it take less time than 48 hrs. to dry and I do wait at times much longer to try burning than even 2 weeks but still have the same problem with having to relight both sticks and cones. I have even laid them out on my porch for the sun to hit during the day to help with the drying but....again same problem.

I really want to sell these but will just keep working at it to get them right. Again, thanks for all the replies and the pms of ideas and suggestions!

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