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How to get a higher Burn time

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Does anyone know how to get a higher burn time?

I am using apothecary jars 10oz 16 oz 26 oz With Ky soy and 2 wicks

60-44-18c My 10oz is about 23 hours, 16oz about 43 hours and 26oz 68 hours. I don't and anything other than 1.5 fo per pound. Thanks -Julie

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Hey Julie,

I'm using about the same set-up as you, but different wicks. I also used the kysoy125 with the apothecary jars, but I used CD-16's and CD-18's in most of my scents.

Here's my approx burn times:

16 ounce apoth~70 to 80 hours

26 ounce apoth~90 to 100 hours

I would get a higher burn time with the CD-16's but a few of my f/o' were just too hard to burn once they reached the 1/2 way point, so I had to wick up on a few of them.



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Try adding a couple % of BW to the KY - I've never done a side-by-side timed comparison, but with the 115 soy, I swear adding that little bit of BW gives it a noticeable increase in burn time. I just finished testing 4 different GL FOs in tumblers with this wax and got that usual cauliflower top, so tried another set with just a bit of BW to smooth it out after it sets up. Even the first couple of burns I noticed it. Maybe something to give a try?

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