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Another experiment


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Couldn't find any info on this FO on that scent review board, so I didn't know what to expect. I probably should have gone with a tried recipe too, but hey, went for a new one instead :rolleyes2 (just to be able to see what a couple of butters feel like with some additional other stuff.)

I'm expecting this to discolor as it's a blend of amber, vanilla and patchouli. I guess if it doesn't, well OK then lol. If it does, well then I'll be praying the top doesn't disappear. We'll see how the black swirl holds up throughout the log though. Scented Tennessee's Oil of Amber (definitely sultry, sexy and a total do me scent) in a bottle.


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a total do me scent

LOL - wow, does that say it all or what? Gotta git me some of THAT fo!

You're still playing with that 24k gold flake, aren't you? I can't wait to see it cut, but as it is it wouldn't look out of place framed or on a pedestal. Really striking!

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