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Home made window coverings


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Do any of you have some good ideas for making your own window coverings for bedroom windows?

I'm tired of drapes, and blinds seem so clunky. I have been thinking about making my own roman blinds, but I don't understand the patterns.

If anyone can give me some ideas, I would love it.


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I have a book that tells you how to make the roman shades. I was going to make them for our addition (living room and kitchen combined), but the fabric I liked was $25 a yard on sale (YIKES). I need to check at lowes to see if we can afford custom made shades (I only need 36" long, most are over that).

I think you have to be pretty precise with the placement of the rings and such. I am sure it could be done, depends on how much of a perfectionist ya are, LOL!


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I'm working on some now. If you go to Joannes fabrics they have a display on how to make them.

I chose to get the solar blocking material so it was a lot more than I wanted to spend. I guess I am saving about $100 or more by doing them myself. Especially since I haven't seen anyone offer the solar material option when I was shopping for them.

So far everything is working. I stink at sewing though. If they work out, I will post a picture.

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