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I've tried doing this on my own but I just can't seem to come up with anything that I'm happy with for my label designs or a logo. I keep pulling my hair out everytime I try to do this.

I can't afford to pay the prices that most charge for designing logos at this time but I need something. Nothing fancy or real detailed. Just a simple design.

Any suggestions on who has really, really reasonable prices or anyone interested in doing this for me. Thanks so much.

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I may have a suggestion for you...my candle business is relatively new and I too wanted a logo but didn't have anywhere near the funds necessary that a lot of graphic artists/companies wanted to charge. I too didn't want anything fancy or ornate, just something simple and clean. So a friend of mine gave me the web address of a company that did her logo. I was a little unsure when she told me they only charged her $150. So, I decided to check them out myself...lo and behold, the logo process was quick, smooth and easy and sure enough, I only paid $150.00!! Initially, you give them an idea of what you want and within 24-48 hours I had six ( if I remember correctly...) designs to choose from. At that point, you can only work with the initial six BUT I was able to modify the colors, change the font and mix alot of the aspects of all the different logos provided until the one I wanted was created. You are allowed unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. The whole logo process took about a week.

Their website address is www.thelogocompany.net and if you'd like to see the one they did for me (I don't know how to attach a jpg image to this message) my own website is www.hearthstonecandles.net and if you click on the "Talk To Us" page, you'll see the logo they created for me.

Good luck to you on getting the logo you want!! :highfive:

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