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Wonder Water / Candle gel?


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I am attempring to make some wooden rose flower arrangements (and I realize I am not so great at arranging flowers!) LOL Anyway, I had someone ask for fake water in the vase, so I bought some "Wonder Water" at a craft store. It's a removable/reusable gel that you heat up, pour, and let it resolidify. I swear this stuff reminds me of when I've had gel candles in the past. It comes in a plastic bottle, and you put the bottle in hot (almost boiling) water until it liquifies, then open bottle, pour into vase, wait 15 minutes for it to start cooling, put flower stems in, and let solidify overnight.

Has anybody used this stuff before? It was pretty pricey, almost $9 for 7oz.

I think I might just try getting some candle gel and trying it.

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