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smaller wick = bigger meltpool?

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I've poured two apocethery jars which I've tested over the last two days. One was lavender with an ECO4 and the other pumpkin & vanilla with an ECO6.

The ECO4 has burnt lovely, clearing the edge of the jar etc, but the ECO6 has some hangups still on the side.

Shouldn't the 6 burn fiercer and give a bigger meltpool? or have I got it wrapped round my neck again lol

forgot to mention, they had an initial 3 hour burn and a 12hour powerburn today

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Yes, it's possible for a smaller wick to create a bigger melt pool. Of course, the wax, type of wick, trim length, container, all have everything to do with whether or not this holds true.

A larger wick should consume more wax, but depending on conditions, it may burn slightly more than it is creating (or equal to) thus creating a smaller burn pool than a smaller sized wick. HTH.

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