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Sugar Shaker Candle Question

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I am attempting to make candles in the sugar/cheese shaker tall containers.. They are 5.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide..

I made some bakery scents, hot apple pie, baked berry cobbler, spiced oranges etc. Some of the containers have the black soot? I am using ig1945 container wax with 1 oz pp oil and 44z wicks..

Could some of the soot be due to the height of the container? I am keeping them trimmed every couple hours and mine didnt seem to bad but a friend was testing burning the apple and the container came back filthy, however she burns them all day long... Is some soot strictly a sign of a bad candle or possibly incorrect burning techniques???

Any suggestions??



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This could be a combination of a few things:

1. The shaker jar is taller than the diameter which can inhibit air flow for the wick to get enough oxygen.

2. When I tested 1945 wax is sooted on me horrible - could have been a wicking issue though. I am slim on patience and gave up on it.

3. Maybe 44z is too big of wick? Can you try a 36-24z?

Just curious how quickly you developed a full MP and how deep it got?

ETA - it could very well have been incorrectly burned but if a friend burns a candle without trimming most likey other customers would too.

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