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Peaks FO Question..

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From what I understand, they figure it manually now that they have a new shopping cart. You might want to remind them that you qualify for the discount in the comments section, just to make sure it doesn't get overlooked.

I just ordered from them and put a note in the comments section - I couldn't remember what the discount was either, lol. But my fine friends at Peak took 10% of my FO order for me :yay: (there was a little message when I got my package/receipt)

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Hpmf...I just ordered 13 bottles (totaling 6 pounds)...and mentioned the discount in the comments section...and I don't see one at all, at least not by the pending debit on my checking account. I'll just wait and see when I get the order though...maybe there will be a note in my package.

Of course, I totally forgot about the discount a few months ago when I ordered something ridiculous like 18 bottles. LOL. DOH!

edited to add....they did get my GC on there, though the invoice doesn't reflect it, so maybe it IS on there! Woooooo


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