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Need opinions about dyes

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I'm using liquid dye from brambleberry and have had a beautiful response from customers about the colors of the candles.

BUT.... I happened to be on a site that oodles of dye chips and dye blocks that can be shaved... and there were sooooo many more color options to be had compaired to what I'm doing now.

Right now, I have red, blue, teal, yellow, hunter green and brown and I combine and play till I get the color I envision. So I'm on this site and looking at all the color options and thinking about the hundreds more color options I would have if I had a more diverse group of colors.

Now for the reason I need opinions. I have all the kinks worked out of my 16 oz. candles... no issues, no problems... no nothing. I'm afraid of changing something that's working so well when I see so many people having issues...YET... I really liked the colors I saw and there was such a huge variety.

For those that use dye chips and shave off blocks.... do you think it would make such a huge difference in my candles that I would have to go back to testing extensively again... do you like using the dye chips or blocks and are they hard to use?


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The liquid dye is definitely easier. The chips are next...blocks are the hardest as you have to really measure out how much you are using (or weigh it) to get consistency in color. I find that the chips and blocks do not always dissolve completely even at high temps and then the candle will have specks in it after it cures. I quit using them all for the most part. I do make a breast cancer candle that I still dye with light pink using the chips. I have a bunch of blocks and a sampler pack of chips that is barely used if you want to try some, I'd be happy to share a few.

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I think I have tried every way to color wax there is.

The easiest way I have found to use the reddi glo chips is to put them in the pour pot first and melt them with a heat gun then add the hot wax. It will blend without "specks".

The easiest way I have found to use the color blocks is to use a small grater and grate the blocks putting the "shavings" into ziploc bags. Depending on how soft/hard the shavings are, you might be able to roll over it with a rolling pin for smaller pieces. They do have to be weighed or measured for consistent coloring.

I hated liquid dyes. The color chips were ok but I started using color crystals from make scents about 6 months ago and they worked great for me.

I have finally given in and going back to the liquid dyes some and I have the stains to prove it lol.

It's all a matter of preference as to the colors you are trying to achieve as to what you use. I haven't noticed a difference in wicking with any of them myself.

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Krazy... I have to fess up, after waiting awhile to get a response to my post... I just ended up ordering every color there was in block form from BitterCreek. But thank you for your input... it's still appreciated even thought I was an Instant Annie and couldn't wait. And also thank for the offer to share.

Jami... thank for your input also... I'm going to get a small grater since I now have all this color coming. I have a scale and very small measuring cups... it'll just be an issue of finding the right amount again to get the color I want.


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