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I've been a busy girl


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OK, here we have (left to right):

EO blend with lavender, anise & lemongrass

Backwoods Blue (Sugar)

EO blend with cedarwood & sweet orange

Backwoods Jakefruit Jam colored by infusing the OO with annatto

Oregon Trails Mardi Gras

Tomato Juice as 100% liquid scented with SW Tomato Basil







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Oh Top, it was a hoot soaping that!!! My soap is a bit soft but I realize now that the tomato juice is acidic so it actually increased my normal 5% superfat. I'll see how it cures out though, it might harden up more than I anticipate. Something to keep in mind though!

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Nice job on the soaps Carol. Of course my favorite is the Mardi Gras. It is my best seller, hands down and I love doing a multi color on mine as well. Great work on all of them.

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Guess I'm swimming against the current, but I like the cedar-orange best. It looks like real marble. Then the blue and mardi-gras in a close tie for second. It never, ever would have occurred to me to use tomato juice. What a gorgeous tone.

It's all beautiful!:yay:

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