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Teacher Appreciation Week


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Thought I'd share pics of the baskets I did for my son's teachers. Thank God I have a business that produces gift type items. I couldn't squeeze hardly anything out of these parents in regards to donations, but then again I'm being told I'm going way over board. I don't think I am, these 2 teachers (as most do) put up w/ ALOT from people like me :D so they deserve it. I'm making a B'n B basket for them as well. The baskets have a melt/candle warmer, potpourri, votive, melts, and a candle. My FAVORITE thing is the Teacher's Prayer on the candle label. I personalized it at the bottom with each teacher's name. I wish I could get a close up of it, but it was all blurry when I tried :undecided.









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I agree with what Amy said--then and now!

Seriously, those are so nice. Most years during teacher appreciation week, the district admin would send out an email to us letting us know they appreciated us. The PTA at my high school would usually give us one of those little "beehive" type jar candles from the $$ Store. None of us ever got anything as nice as this.

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I know what you mean about getting anything out of the parents. I recently did a fund raiser my daughters 6th grade class and it was a bust!!!!!! It was for there picnic. I guess they can brown bag it under a tree. Im just waiting for one of the parents to say Dont you think they could of done something nicer. And you know some one will say that. Anyway your baskets are great. Thank God for people like you, that give and care no matter what everyone else does. You made the teachers day:yay:

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