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3" Packco Tubing Out of Stock


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I just placed an order online for the 3" PVC 100 gauge tubing from Packco and received an email they are out of stock for approximately (4) weeks.

I have always used their's for tart packaging (never had a plastic smell).

Out of desperation, I ordered the 3" poly tubing (1.5 ml) from

Packaging Supplies. Has anyone used this for their tarts? When I called, I asked them regarding ml vs gauge. They told me (1 ml) is 100 gauge. I'm hoping that 1.5 ml will not be too thick.

For those who are using Packco 3" PVC 100 gauge, if you are low in stock, you don't want to do like I unknowingly did....wait until you are almost out to find a replacement. When I receive mine from Packaging Supplies and try them out with my tarts, I will post my results. If anyone else has already tried them, please post your opinion.

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Thanks, Scented, I'll keep that in mind for future use if I have trouble getting the 3" tubing. I was afraid it would be a little too bulky and I like mine to fit as tightly and neatly as possible.

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