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aluminium moulds, can't find them..

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don't know where to look.

I'm after two particular moulds and I may have to look to getting them sent over from US (although it may cost a fortune in postage/customs).

I want a square 6inch tall x 4inch wide preferably with insert 5 x 3 for making embedded hurricanes and also a pyramid about 6inch tall.

Anyone spotted any in the UK or know of any in US where they ship to the UK?

I've tried ebay and none, but can't figure how to check if any us ebayers ship over, just getting uk moulds.

I was bidding on a massive ebay auction tonight, that would have set me up for months, but it went way above what I could afford, so sat here with my birthday money still :D

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I was at the post office today and my friendly clerk told me about the new international flat rate shipping boxes perhaps they can use these to cut down on the shipping. I was told that each country has their own rate.

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Hi Lisa, I spoke to jo about them, and mentioned I knew of someone else that wanted one, then a bit later she emailed back saying was it Lisa as you'd contacted her lol.

Great minds hey, last night I was quoted over their life person chat thingy majig, $35.50 for one mould and insert and another mould and insert would be an extra $10.

Jo is keeping us updated :)

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