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I'm Gonna Use The Kitchen Sink Too!


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We did some remodeling a while back and for some odd reason my husband decided to save the kitchen sink drawers and when I started soaping last summer I was a bit intimidated by the size so I didn't try it. Well, I removed the brackets and everything and I have two perfect 18 lb slab molds!

They are lined and ready to go!..well, when figured my recipe for the monster slab, I am a little low on one freakin oil!:mad: and now I'm thinking I can layer this monster with three of my fave recipes...what do you think?

I've only done one three layer batch so if anyone has any tips for making a GM soap layer that is going to be refridgerated..HELP!:eek:

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You know, that is a great idea! Instead of buying slab molds online you could buy a small 4 drawer bureau at walmart (small like an end table) for less than $30 and have 4 huge slab molds! Put some dividers in there and you could make logs too. Off to Walmart I go!

Oh they are easy to cut too. Cut into logs and from there you know what to do. Or, if you don't want logs decrease the recipe and you've got the slab look!..well, I am off to measure lots of oils:grin2: forgot to mention I played with this mold once using a smaller recipe and now want to fill er up!..LOL

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