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bath bomb .com ???


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Hi guys

Im just getting started making bath bombs and was wondering if any of you had used bathbomb.com i am hoping to buy some citric acid and moulds ect and stumbled across this site i am looking for somewhere in the uk and this seems ideal any feed back ect would be great thankyou!!!:grin2:

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Ive searched the web and have so far only found this co in the uk but as i have never bought citric acid before i dont know if these are expensive or about right???

I also found a manufacturer but had three different types of citric acid and i dont have a clue which one i'll need im just looking to make some for my friends and family coz we all have a love of bath bombs!!

If nobody knows of this company then a reccomendation of someone in the uk would be lovely-i dont want to just go with anyone!!

Sorry if i've confused anyone!!

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I found this site, but have never used them. They seem very informative and even hold classes, so you would think they're legit:


You could call the company to get a feel for what their customer service would be like and maybe they could give you a greater explanation about the materials you will be using.

Also, there are other forums with more international members who regularly post and may be more familiar European suppliers.

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Hi Chauntelle.

I made some bath bombs this morning YAYYY and even had a bath with one this afternoon and it didn't make me itch (SHOCK, HORROR!) and I can tell you I have the most sensitive skin in the whole world!!

I slightly modified the Snowball bath bomb recipe thats in the recipe section to incorporate grated coco butter :drool: . I got the ingredients from www.bathbomb.biz they are very helpful, the stuff came quickly and I don't 'think' they are that expensive, but I don't know that for sure.

Hope that helps :P



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Hello Chauntelle,

I noticed your post (it came up in a Gooogle Search!) and thought I would reply. I can't give you a recommendation as a customer but I am the owner/operator of Bath-bomb.com and I can tell you I have lots of happy customers.

I am always happy to help those just starting out in making their own bath bombs and soaps and we have lots of other kits to make bath products and candles. We also sell a range of basic ingredients.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email (info@bath-bomb.com) or visit our site www.bath-bomb.com. Or if you search for estheticals (our other site) on ebay you can read feedback from over 800 happy customers.

Hope this helps

All the best


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