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can i use plastic moulds for these???

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Hi guys, i've been attmpting to do rustic pillars for a while now without any joy. The first attempt was da best i did a layered one and i managed to get the rustic look only it fell off as i pulled it out the mould! amny attempts since then have just given me a smooth shiny candle with a lacey affect- pretty but not wot im trying to achieve!! I even got my boyfriend to try one has only ever over poured on some chunky candles b 4 thinking he might get beginners luck!! no chance!!

Any tips or advice would be greatfuly recieved!!! Thanks a million in advance :undecided

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okay i will try them without the freezer first!! Am i right in thinking that if im doing layers then i only slosh the wax to the point that im going to pour to or will the 'rustic' come away from the candle when its removed if i slosh all the way up the sides sorry to sound so stupid but i havent had much luck and want to get it right with the new moulds!! Thanx again:yay:

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