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My 1st pics of my 1st 3-layer loaf


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Ok, I know...8 months soaping & no pics. :embarasse

I've really been getting a feel for everything & mainly doing 2-layer, chunky soap & suspending. I had to post this...flaws & all!

This is my 1st 3 layer anything...ever! I needed an extra hand b/c I forgot that the Honey base sets so damn fast! I was a little lazy & didn't feel like stirring forever to suspend the oatmeal, so most of it sank to the bottom of the mold.

My mini-masterpiece is Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey, the milk being Goat's Milk base. And, of course it's scented with OM&H from Lonestar. A little sweet for me, but perfect for the theme.

Sooooooooo, what'cha think?

Any advice to offer when doing more than 2 layers?




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Thanks everybody! I appreciate it. It really inspires me to do more.

Sandi, that crinkle cutter is a tricky little sucker. All was well until I got to halfway through the 6th slice...it all just went to hell :laugh2: Adhesion issues. But, that's what they make soap bags for...for pieces of soap!

Oh, HelenW., CP? I wish! I gotta stop being a chicken baby first. It's Melt & Pour soap. Have you done any yet?

Thanks again all.

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