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Can't seem to get proper FO measurements

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Something in my house is retarded....either me or my digital scale! I'd like to think it's the latter of the two....however, the jury is still out on that one! :grin2:

Anyway, I think some of the problems I've been having with certain FO's comes down to the fact that I can't seem to get an accurate measurement. I have been using a digital scale, but here's the problem...

I've tried weighing my FO in both paper dixie cups or shot glasses...

When I place the shot glass on the scale and then tare it out to zero, the scale won't register the FO when I pour it into the glass. I've poured an entire two ounce bottle before and it never registered a weight??

When I use the dixie cup, the scale doesn't recognize the cup itself as even having a weight of its own (I've even tried to weigh it in grams...still nothing)

It will show the weight of an FO being poured into it, but it fluctuates....for example, I will pour what I think is .5oz....it will read .4oz, so I add a little more....the stupid thing will then say that I have .3oz!! Okay, last time I checked, when you "add" something, the weight should go up, not down!

So, I'll let you be the judge....am I the retarded one here, or is it my scale? Wait...don't answer that! :) Any ideas on what I can do here? Is there a different weighing option that I perhaps haven't thought of?

I really don't want to have to buy another scale....it works great for heavier items....I'm only having issues with these small measurements.

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I spotted the other day that when I'd weighed something, it had actually gone down on the scale next time I looked at it.

Then I realised the bowl I was using to measure wasn't centred in the middle of the scale.

I use the little aluminium? dishes that you use to make pies in. The 3 inch ones and they do fine for measuring fo in :D

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Mine almost always does that with tiny measurements. I solved it by getting the weight of my shot glass. After pouring, if it still reads 0, I subtract the glass weight and that's my FO. I have the weight written on the side in permanent marker then covered with clear tape so it wont wipe off. 95% of my FOs weigh the same so after weighing to make sure the first time, I just fill it to the same spot next time.

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Walmart has a measuring shot glass that you can use without having to measure out the fragrance oil on your digital scale. Works for me! You can find it with the other glass measuring cups. Just a thought....:grin2:

this is fine in a pinch, but you really should Weigh your fragrances, not use volume measurements. some fragrances are heavier than others.

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