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Muffin - sponge colour anyone?

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I've finally (yayyyy) got my muffin mould. It's quite a large one and I'm wondering how to make sponge colour.

Now muffins are typically darker than normal 'yellowy' sponge and the tops darker still, has anyone made them?

I've a choc chips mould and wanted to put some of those in, would you drop those in the mould first so they set into the top or won't the hot wax going in for the muffin melt them? is there a foolproof way of doing this?

The diameter of the top is approx 7cms, and as I only have lx wicks at the moment, would you recommend a lx21 or 28 to try. Not ideal I know, but only 2 I have at present.


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I'm not sure what sponge colour is ... but I use "Golden Yellow" liquid candle dye. Sometimes I have to adjust the color by mixing in another color. For example, when making Carrot Cake Muffins, I will add a little Pumpkin Spice liquid color. If I make Banana Spice Muffins, I will add in a little Brown. For Apple Nut Muffins, I will add a little Cinnamon Spice liquid.

With the chocolate chip embeds, they are usually made with a high melt point wax, so they shouldn't melt when you pour the wax over them. And yes, you can sprinkle your chocolate chips into the molds, then pour in your wax. You can do this with blueberry embeds too.

Hope this helps.

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thanks candlebuddy :)

I'll start with a bit of yellow, then add something else. I've several browny colours, brown, maple, butterscotch etc, although all blocks.

I haven't got any high mp wax, theres something you can add to raise it, I'm sure. Think it was in one of my threads previously, going to take a look.

I have microsoft hard which does something lol.

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