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Curious about paraffin wax...

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I currently use KY Perfect Blend wax....I like it for the most part, but don't know if it's what I really prefer since I haven't tried anything else.

I know that everyone is on this big soy kick and all, but from what I read about paraffin wax, I would probably like it alot better. Maybe?? :undecided

I don't want to work with straight paraffin because I don't want to have to deal with a bunch of additives, etc. Since I know nothing about paraffin, does there happen to be a single pour container wax with the additives already mixed in there for me?

I live in Georgia, so can anyone recommend a wax like this from someone who is close to me? I think CandleScience is in N. Carolina....all of their IGI waxes confuse me...not sure if they're soy or paraffin. ???

I just wanna be able to try both and then decide which I prefer....

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If it is called "container wax" it will already have whatever additives are needed.

Well, that clears up that....

Another question then...if I want one without any soy in it, which "terms" do I look for? I know that "blend" means that there's some soy in it....

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If you want one without any soy, look under the supplier's paraffin waxes. Those that contain soy will say something like "a paraffin/vegetable wax blend". Otherwise it will say something like "a paraffin wax blend" which is what you are looking for. As for 4630, yes that is supposed to be a one-pour, although a slight top up may be needed depending on the conditions.

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Candle Science also has a parasoy blend, IGI 6006. I am testing my own 50/50 blend with the 4630 and GB 415. I will say this, that 4630 is some MESSY stuff. It's like working with a thick vaseline. I am still picking it out from under my nails so use gloves when scooping it and putting it into your melter.

The upside is my candles are creamy looking, great adhesion, no frosting and no wet spots. I am trying 3 different wicks, LX, zinc and hemp to see how they do. I wanted to try some cotton core and my premier wicks but I will try them in soy first and will do a couple testers tomorrow for that.

If I like my own blend, I will probably order the 6006 since I have seen some good reviews on that.

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Hi, check out Cajun Candle's web sight. They explain the different kinds of wax and you can understand it. Their website is what made me to decide to use IGI 4786. It is a wax that you have to do a repour on. I've tried the one pour, but for me, I decided to go back to the 4786. They will also give you a starting point with the wicks.

Hope it helps. :)

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