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Got a Wholesale Account 1st Day at Craft Market!


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I just started my weekly Farmer/Craft market today and got a wholesale account! I was gonna go around after the market and approach retailers in town to carry my soaps. Instead, one came to me and asks me to wholesale my soaps.

So, I make my first delivery this week. She has a very nice antique & gift shop with all kinds of beautiful things. Just the right shop for my soaps.

This was my first farmer's market. I decided to try them out this year to see how they differed in sales compared to regular Craft Festival types of shows.

Nice thing about farmer's markets is you have a steady gig every week thru October. Downside is they are 4 hours-- 9 am to 1 pm.

But I wasn't expecting the sales I got. Everyone that walked by bought something. And now I have this wholesale account!

Next week I am doing another farmer's market but in a different town. I am doing 2 farmer's markets this year so I alternate each week. The town I market in next week I already have a local gift shop carrying my soap for sale. So I will check them out after my market to see how the shop is doing.

I have a new found appreciation for farmer's markets!:cheesy2:

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Thanks everyone. The market manager says that as the season progresses you build a bigger customer base. So here's to hoping!!

I forgot that I also got a second offer from a couple that run a rental cabin getaway. They want to buy soaps to give to their customers as gifts so I will follow up on that too. Now all I have to do is remember where I put her business card and phone number!!:embarasse

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I would check out the flea market first. At flea markets people tend to only want to spend 50 cents or a dollar on stuff.

Why not find out if you have a farmer's market in town that also sells crafts? That way you know people are prepared to spend more on handmade craft items. That's what I did and so far so good.

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