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First Rustic/mottle Attempt


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Well, I pulled this out of the mould this a.m. hoping that I would have distinct layers of rustic and mottle and this is what I got. I was not sure how to do this candle, so I divided the wax for the mould into 2 portions. I made up the rustic portion with 5% stearic and 4.5% FO and the mottle portion I did with 3% stearic and 6% FO. Started off with 2 rustic layers, then 2 mottled, then 1 rustic and last one mottle. Poured rustic layers coolish and mottle a bit hotter.

Pic 1 is "front" side, pic 2 "back" and of course the bottom of the candle where all the mottling seems to have taken place.

The scent is Creme Brulee and it does smell great. Any advice on how to get more distinct mottle/rustic layering greatly appreciated:smiley2:




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Hmmm, not sure how you could get a greater distinction between the 2 types of layers except by a) reducing the stearine in the mottled section, and B) waiting a bit longer between pours so that the rustic layer is well set up before the mottle is poured. Of course this delay may cause your layers to not bind so well but could be worth experimenting with. BTW, I love pic 2 of the back - fabulous rustic (even though it's not what you were going for) and great colours. A very nice pillar IMO.

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