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(A question) What a sad day at my house......


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I packed up the Upland today! It won't be freed from it's box until we move...in a few weeks! :cry2: I didn't want to haul half-cured bars....so it makes sense to put my CP soaping on hold until we are in the new house.

Off to play with some MP! Which leads me to the question: Anyone use microbeads for exfoliation? How much PP of soap base do I use? I wanted to play with some tonight. (To ease me out of my Upland-less depression.....*sigh*)

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sigh... you didn't accidentally put a shipping label on that box did you? to my house?

:D No, sorry!

But once I start going through molds and pack them all, my husband is going to have a sh## fit!! I've got so many of them! I spent part of the day packing fragrances today.....and no, I am still not done! :embarasse

I am still sitting on the fence about a few molds....debating whether to sell them or not. I hoard them like some old women hoard cats! They are like my babies! LOL

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