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is there a pure soy wax

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I found 100% Soy pillar candles can't take the heat and just end up collapsing half way down into a mess

I have brought some off another candlemaker and they did collapse and make a mess

For this reason I am not even going to attempt a 100% soy pillar

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Anyone know of a good pillar blend? I have a blend from Cargill, but either it wasn't good or I was using the wrong wicks?? My sides would crumble and spill over the sides like tapered candles. I was using several different molds, one 3 lb flowerpot that is about 5 inches across, one pillar that was about 3 inches across and about 6 inches tall, one that was about 1.5 inches across and about 8 inches tall...

After a while, I kinda gave up but it would be nice to use up the rest of the wax.

Anyone know what wicks to use in this wax and my mold sizes? THANKS!:D

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