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Which label to use on the 8 oz. flat lid apotho jar?


Which label to use on the 8 oz. flat lid apotho jar  

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  1. 1. Which label to use on the 8 oz. flat lid apotho jar

    • 1" x 2.63 on side of jar
    • 2" round on lid
    • 2 1/2" round on lid

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I am speaking strickly as a consumer of candles now and not a maker, but I don't like labels on the lids. Its hard to display and I like to see the label when I look at the candle.

As for shape and size, thats hard to say with seeing your logo. Some logos are very well suited for a round label, where as some are not. It really comes down to what you think looks better. Size wise I would go with smaller so the candle itself sticks out.

Thats just my consumer opinion though, complete with spelling errors and all.

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I started with labels on the jar and seemed that was all you see. Label. The colors were pretty but not shown when you were looking and if someone wanted to know the scent some would tilt the front of the jar to look.

They also seemed to get beat on and dirtier on the side IMO. What I experienced anyway. Not to say I haven't seem alot of pretty labels on the side of the jars. Just labels on top work better for me

With labels on top People come straight to the candles and look on top for FO. Most of the time do not handle unless to sniff. All at eye level and easy for me and customers. It made a world of difference. I do mailing labels now on top but getting the round labels very soon and will do a border around them like I do my hang tags. I would like to change hang tags to waterproof labels but hear all the problems with those too. Starting out I also had labels on the side with lotions,soaps etc but was not wise. Got wet and beat down. Hang tags now for those products BUT people want to smell the soap, lotion, air fresheners. With the hang tags not easy. So looking into changing again to side BUT waterproof.

Boy do I have some label changing to do this year. Just takes time and when I start seeing some posts with the problems I know what I am up against. Husband sets it up and he is very very slow. If alot of you are having problems I know he will. Once it is set up it is staying. DONE DEAL and no more changing. This is a time Change is not for the good. Gets tiring and old.


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