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70/30 blend question

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Do I blend 70% pure soy and 30% paraffin or is this sold by someone. I cant believe I am actually gonna do this to myself again. I want to test this I THINK??? Would not have a clue as far as wicking, I know it is probally in the archives I just never even considered this until today.



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I think you are bad as I am for playing around with different waxes and blends lol. I did some last weekend that were 70/30 and 60/40. The wicks I THOUGHT would work aren't working. I have read that paraffin actually uses cooler wicks so I interpret that as a smaller size wick but its not getting it for me. The candles came out perfect, no wet spots, no frosting, nice and creamy with a fantastic cold throw but the wicks were PITA's.

I am going to melt a couple down because I am tired of trying to pull the wicks out to put in another one and just start with the jelly jars and go from there on wicking. I figure it will be easier to get an idea of wicking in a smaller jar then work my way up to bigger jars.

Good luck!!

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I use 70/30 from GL in Tumblers and Salsas and have found it to be a great alternative to the typical soy issues...I still use cb 135 but have eliminated the color and that seems to take care of a lot of the frosting problems with pure soy. As far as the GL 70/30 is concerned I found that for me CD's and Eco wicks are the best for this wax...hth :cool2:

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