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Hello all just wanted to introduce myself to this side of candletech!

I've been making candles for a year or so now and i always thought about trying body products but wouldn't know where to start! so i advoided it but like all interesting things i think i'm getting sucked in, it my friends fault she loves bath bombs but won't buy from a certain manufacturer and said that i should have a go at making some for friends and families kinda like i did with my candles!!! i was doing so well until she said that.;)

And so the search started found the baking powder and thought hey its not that hard but then came ingrediant no 2 CITRIC ACID! and i can't find it anywhere!went to tesco,asda and macro who all had it listed as stock but none had it in stock....So this is where im at!

I've got some rubber ice cubemoulds that i thougt i would try them in first until i get the right consistancy and i will bag these up and give to will friends to try them on!!!! well i'll keep reading here and a few other places that i have also accidently stumbled across.you can never read enough-right???

Thankyou in advance for all the wonderful help that you offer here i have a weird feeling that im gonna be reading for a looong time!


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