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what wax is this?

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:o I was at a market the other week and i saw some hand poured candles which i thought were quite pretty. I got talking to the stall holder and she said that she made them and used parrafin wax and stearin. But they had a flecky look to some of them and i wondered how you can do this with parrafin wax. I thought they might have been made from palm wax as the affect was just like the everlasting palm candles pictured in the gallery! Has any one got any ideas as to how i can do this it's driving me mad!!!!!:tongue2:
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I'm a major newbie so this is just a guess... Some Stearic is derived from Palm Wax isn't it? On some websites I've seen them sell 100% Palm Wax that they market as Vegetable Stearic (Specifically GenWax). Maybe she's mixing the paraffin with large amounts of Vegetable Stearic which would cause some amount of crystallization. I tried mixing a ratio of about 30% Palm to 70% soy once just for the fun of it and it had tiny little crystals running through the whole candle.

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