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Paraffin Container wax, what does it have?

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in it' date=' that makes it different from normal/pillar paraffin?[/color']

can I make my pillar paraffin suitable for containers by adding something?



You could but I wouldn't recommend it bacause pillar wax has a higher melt point and would require a larger wick. Container wax has a lower melt point and would not require as large of a wick, to melt the wax, so the glass container would be cooler and safer.

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I don't think you can really add anything to make the interchangeable. It's the melt point of the paraffin itself that determines whether it's best for pillars or containers. Besides that pillar wax shrinks more to make unmolding easier and container wax isn't supposed to so it wont rattle around in the container.

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How the wax will pull away from the container. For instance, you wouldn't want your wax to pull away much from the container because melted wax would seep in and make it look awful. On the other hand, you do want your pillar waxes to do that somewhat so you can get them out of the mold easier.

Lower meltpoint is better IMO for sure so you can use a smaller wick, not have the glass get as hot, and get a larger meltpool fast, but I see many waxes marketed as container waxes that have much higher meltpoints than the paraffin pillar waxes I use. So is it just the companies' opinion?

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thanks henryk, some sellers don't even know theres a difference in the mp.

I've sourced some paraffin container wax in the UK :D and as luck would have it, its my birthday next saturday and bless him, my dads asked what I want, so its wax wax wax all the way, oh plus a couple of moulds, IF I can find them

I'm a happy bunny

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