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GB 444 Supplier didn't send instructions, how to use?

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GW444: Soy Blended Container Wax

This soy wax contains a soy based additive and is both natural and kosher. This soy based additive enables the soy to be poured at a hotter temperature, helps reduce frosting, and will help increase FO load. 444 has a higher melt point which enables it to retain a higher FO load to give you a stronger scent throw.

444 blends well with paraffin, slack wax, and microcrystalline waxes. We do not recommend blending this wax with beeswax.

Pour Temp: 125-145

Melt point- 120-125

FO load: 9%-11%

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Well I melt my wax in a presto pot on warm. I would say around 170 - 180. I measure out my hot wax, add color (stir to incorporate the color) then add my FO and stir so I am doing it around the 170 mark. I haven't used a thermometer in a while and usually don't unless I am testing a new blend. After I mix, I just let it cool to pour.

I hope this helps some. Just an FYI too, this is a wax that I have found needs to be wicked up compared to 100% soy because of the additive.

Hope this helps some.

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