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shrink wrap / heat gun

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Ok, I want to do something like yankee candle does with their votives. Is that shrink wrap that they use? What do you use? I think I need a heat gun, but won't a heat gun melt the candle when I use this shrink wrap stuff? I found some old post about shrink wrap but I was wondering if there have been anything new about shrink wrapping etc...

So basically what do I need to get to get votives wrapped like this:


is there any advantage to wrapping candles other than looks?


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Yes it is shrink wrap, one of the members here sells votive sleeves, Dublon, I think it is.

The heat gun wont melt the votive, you wont be keeping the heat on it long enough to do that, the wrap shrinks very quickly.

The wrap protects the votive and helps keep the scent in.

I quit shrinking my votives, just too much to do, I buy the little cello bags from Cierra candles and twist ties and just do it that way. Much easier for me.

I do shrink my pillars though, it helps protect them.

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I use shrink wrap for samplers. not the sleeves, the bags. I have tried a heat gun and I found that it was too hot. I ended up with holes. Now I use a blow dryer and it works very well. I know there is at least one company that sells sleeves, but I can't remember which. if I come across it I will let you know.


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