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War Cakes


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I'm currently making them from wax, but that is costly. I'd like to make them out of salt dough. I'm just wondering how long would I have to bake something this large and at what temp?

If anyone knows if saltdough would work or what temps and length to bake it at I would be really greatful!

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You can use salt dough but you should have aluminum foil inside of it with the salt dough covering all of the foil at least 1/4 inch thick. If you don't form your cake around foil it would take very long to dry. In an electric oven you would bake it at 170 but I really don't know for how long. I've baked shapes from cookie cutters for one to two hours at 170 and turned the oven up to 400 to brown them. You can make your dough darker by using very strong coffee and whole wheat flour. Last year people were selling recipes on ebay and some said they use glue and molasses in a salt type dough. Maybe you could find a recipe like that if you do an online search for prim dough recipe. Some people call the cakes "pantry cakes".

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During the civil war women use to send hard cakes to their husbands and sons. They didn't sue milk or eggs to keep it from spoiling. Kind of like a fruit cake but wil raisins and apples.

I found a lady that was selling the recipie on ebay.

I've made several of these in wax and dough.

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I have a recipe that I'd be happy to share ...

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1 cup used coffee grounds

1/2 cup cold coffee (or water)

Combine the above ingredients and knead together to make dough. Then, press into the bottom of your mold (which will be the top of the finished cake) and around the sides. Fill the cavity with aluminum foil. Then take some dough and cover the top of the mold (which will be the bottom of the finished cake). Bake for several hours at 200 degrees. After de-molding the cake, if it still seems moist, place cake right-side up on cookie sheet and bake until completely dry.

To decorate ... I usually mix a little white glue with white craft paint and drizzle it on the cake, then I put on some raisin and/or nut embeds, and then sprinkle with cinnamon or ground cloves. You can really get creative with decorating.

Enjoy! :highfive:

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