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14year old daughter and candles

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Oh here we go

my 14 year old daughter is as we speak sitting and watch a "candle" she has made,

love heart pastry mould with soya red mini love hearts all round the outside filled then with parafin wax!

erm not sure what you would call this but all she had done is as she puts it chucked it all in and see what happens!!!

Fingers crossed i can get it out the mould!

Watch this space!!!

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well it came out of the mould however, the red hearts on the outside started to bleed into the uncoloured wax so she thought she would take a toothpick and swirl it!

but in her impatience for it to harden she added a heart embed pushed it in and as she put it " mucked it up", so remelted and now has a lovely shade of pink heart! although she's still not impressed as the top is all bumpy, but for a first attempt its not bad!

Its now sitting on a holder in the bathroom, wouldnt mind but my bathroom is black and white with this pink heart in it!!

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