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A few soaps from me


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I made these last week.


This is my pink sugar. I used the Cellini Red from the Co-op and I thought it would stay pink, but it seems to be turning a big orange. From far away it looks pink, but up close it has an orangish hue to it.


My third batch of cool water. My first batch turned out great, but it left blue bubbles and stained the wash clothes. the second batch seized horribly. This batch turned out perfectly.



P.S. They are a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.

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How did you get the Pink Sugar to turn ANYTHING other than dark brown!? WAhhhhhh...mine is always so dark, I'm hankering to get some of Connie's version of Blue Sugar so I don't always have brown soap with the vanilla/sugar scents! LOL

The Cool Water is heavenlyl!

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