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Is it possible to successfully single wick this jar?

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I'm talking about the 12oz metro / status / column jar. 1/16th inch shy of 3 inches diameter and just at 4 inches tall.

I bought a case last year to play with (using GL 70/30 soy/para blend) and put them away after many frustrating attempts. Feeling energetic and full of hope this week :grin2: I pulled them back out to try yet once again. I'm adding 1oz FO per lb of wax and one or two drops of liquid dye max.

According to my notes I tried several sizes of Eco, LX, Hemp Core some wicks called Ultra Core from Fil-Tec...Usually the first half of the burn goes well, but halfway down of course the wick dancing begins (sometimes with soot, sometimes not)

Sorry for that long story...just wondering if anyone has had success with this wax and jar to the final burn and if you would mind sharing a wick and size starting point?

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Some have had success, but a lot of us have thrown in the towel trying to wick this beast of a jar. I got all the other Metro sizes to burn correctly, but this one will burn to about the 1/2 way mark & either drown out the wick or leave so much wax hanging on the side that it's just not worth selling. I still love this jar style. Now you have me thinking I may go back & try double wicking, but just didn't want to do that. I'm stubborn & only like working w/ zinc wicks, but the thread bizzyb gave you & a few others have do list what has worked for others. Good luck!


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