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Monoi Pre-Buy at Soaper Supplies


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Hey! I just wanted to post this for you Monoi lovers, or wanna-be Monoi lovers....Felicia at Soaper Supplies is doing a Pre-Buy.....this is the email I got:

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I just posted the Monoi buy to the

website. You can find it in the Pre-buys/Co- ops section at

www.soapersupplies.com See below for details.

$13.00 a pound - Scented

$12.00 a pound - Unscented

~ This buy runs from April 26 - May 3, 2007

~ Invoicing will start on May 2nd; all payments must be in by 6th.

We will order the Monoi on May 7th!

~ No Hostess Fee!!

~ Start earning Soaper Points™*

~ If you would like to order stock items long with this Pre-buy to

save on shipping you may. Please indicate in the comments sections

during check out, if you would like those items to be held and

shipped all together. Otherwise we will ship separately!

~ Accepted form of Payments are Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover,

Paypal (echecks MUST clear by. May 4th.) - If you would like to

pay with a credit card, please feel free to pay when checking out,

your Credit Card will NOT be charged until May 2nd.

~ If you would like to wait until the buy is over to pay please

enter the words "Paypal" in the "pre-buy/co- op bill me later"

section during check out, and we will invoice you via Paypal on May


~ Shipping is from 79934, all prices are in USD, when you check out

shipping will be included in your total. If you order fits in Flat

Rate Box shipping will be adjusted accordingly!

~ Please Note: USPS Flat Box shipping is going up to $9.15 on May

15th. If all orders are paid for by Friday May 4th, we will order

that day so we can ship out before the price increase.

~ Please Note: You may NOT use Soaper Points™* to make any pre-buy

purchases; however, you do earn Soaper Points™* for pre-buy

purchases. For more details about Soaper Points™* visit

www.soapersupplies. com for Terms and Conditions.

Thanks for everything!



www.soapersupplies. com

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