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Need Pricing Advice


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I just got another new shop to carry some of my soaps. They are gonna try them out and see how they sell. While I was speaking to the shop owner we got to discussing that I am going to be doing the monthly craft market in town.

The soaps I gave him I sell at $5 each. He wants to sell between $6 - $7. So we realized there is a conflict. He says he has had problems before with crafters underselling him so he stopped carrying their products. I want to keep him happy but am uncertain if I should raise my soap prices.

Could I just raise them for that particular craft market? That doesn't sound like a good option to me. Especially since I sell at other craft shows in the area in different towns and I also have a website too.

The soaps are 5 and 5.25 oz and all nicely packaged. He was very impressed and commented on how nice they were. He also specializes in selling local crafts at his gift shop.

I just need some input to make a decision. Not sure why I can't just raise my price but want some feedback on this first. This must have happened to some of you. What did you do?

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