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Which wicks are most similar to ECO's?

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Eco's seem to work VERY well for me in terms of burning oils that are otherwise very difficult to burn, however, their limitation in terms of size variety really has me down. Eco-1 seems to be too big and Eco .5's seem to be a HAIR too small (double wicked).

Any suggestions on wicks that are as close to ECO's as possible in terms of composition?

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HTP and CD are the closest to ECO in design and those lines have a lot of sizes at the low end. The common design feature is the paper filament running through the wick to make it burn hotter, but each wick type will still be unique in the way it performs.

I don't know any details about the design of the Superior 700 series from Wick-It, but that line also has a lot of size choices and some of the performance features seem to be similar.


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