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need directions


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I may be off - but sure mad I missd those photos.

Looks like some type of palm or crystaling wax or even wax with additives to make that effect.

Then if you know how to make fruit preserves you would layer it by doing that.

But it will require real good testing since there are two different types of waxes used.

I copied this from his/her response in the thread:

Hi Candleman--I hear your concern. I've been at this over 10 years now--I know all about the waxes. The cake is a blend of waxes and additives to bring the melt point up a bit so the wicking is compatable. It actually burns perfect, a touch of hang up at the first gel layer but the heat retention from the glassware allows it to catch up at the 2nd gel layer.

Yes, I know about polar scents. I order oils from a direct from a maun. so I have them formulated for me, and 90% of my oils are non polar. About a third of the candles we make contain gel wax, like pies, forever's, or gel as an additive and so on.

It did require extensive testing with the wicks, and we had to watch the number of embeds in the gel for melt point, but I think they turned out well!

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